maud_93 (maud_93) wrote in kt_tunstall,

Hello, hello

Hi all,

So, I'm new to the comunity. Love KT, going to her gig in Amsterdam the 29th! :)
Anywaaay.. Anybody know where I can find some good KT pictures for making icons etc. ? I'm dying to have some more, but I dunno where to look. A link or some pictures would make my day!
Sorry if I'm not supposed to ask this here.. ^^

xx Maud

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i went to her gig in australia, it was really good, she's a really nice/funny person :)

um usually her website, for starters, but going on sites like flickr and searching KT Tunstall brings up a few pictures, though you may have to ask permission of the photographer if you want to use the image/s, or credit him/her when you post the icons :)